Interface Design and Experience Analysis (IDEA) Lab

Our mission is to advance the field of user experience through cutting-edge research, educational excellence, and community engagement. The future of technology should be intuitive, inclusive, and impactful for all.

Launching Fall 2024


We’re a client-committed, people-passionate UX design and research agency, based out of Western Kentucky University. The culture of UX is to place users—or people, as we prefer to call them—at the heart of every decision. We believe the key to better design and better research is to better understand people.

From proof-of-concept to high-fidelity prototypes, we can design models of anything digital (websites, apps, smart tech, wearable tech).

From ideation to creation, we can launch your website, or refresh your old one. We specialize in WordPress, the industry leader.

Infographics, icons, marketing materials—if you need digital assets, or content calendar to help you strategize your social media, we’re here.

We’ll help you get to know your target audience better by investigating needs, behaviors, and motivations through interdisciplinary methods.

We’ll evaluate how your consumers interact with your product or system in order to identify any obstacles standing in the way of a satisfying user experience.

People holding up sticky notes that say, "To Do," "Doing," and "Done."

Intern With Us

We tackle complex problems with solutions generated by students just like you. Earn class credit while gaining real-world, UX design experience. This is not a step-by-step traditional class experience, rather, it’s a launching pad to becoming an agile professional adept at juggling ambiguity.

Students of any major and level are welcome to apply.

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