At the Interface Design and Experience Analysis (IDEA) Lab, our mission is to advance the field of user experience through cutting-edge research, educational excellence, and community engagement. The future of technology should be intuitive, inclusive, and impactful for all. 

Innovative Research

Conduct practical research to deepen our understanding of human-computer interaction and user behavior, leveraging transdisciplinary methodologies to drive UX insights forward. While our day-to-day focus is on applied research, there are opportunities for publications, presentations, and grant applications. 

Educational Excellence

Create a dynamic learning environment where students can acquire and hone the skills necessary to succeed in the UX industry. The profession is predicted to grow from 1 million to 100 million. Like many technology and creative fields, the UX job market is highly competitive (average salaries in the 100k range, Glassdoor) and dependent on work displayed in a digital portfolio. The IDEA Lab allows students to form connections and cultivate portfolio-worthy experiences, all while receiving internship credit. IDEA Lab faculty will mentor student teams as they interface with real-world clients.

Community Engagement

Partnering with industry leaders, non-profits, and academic institutions to address real-world challenges, fostering a culture of shared knowledge and continuous improvement. The IDEA Lab will partner with clients each Fall & Spring semester to help them achieve their goals.

Inclusive and Universal Design

Championing accessibility and inclusivity in all our projects, ensuring that our designs benefit diverse user groups and promote equity in technology access and usability.

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